Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm still straight. I promise.

Okay. No you didn't imagine it, you actually DID see Melissa and I marching in the Gay Pride Parade last Sunday. Thank you to both Wells Fargo and Kyle Mantas for inspiring us to participate. I had a really good time and it was a lot of fun. I've heard a lot of people my whole life use the phrase "well I have a lot of gay friends" and usually if you ask follow up questions that quickly becomes "well I have met gay people before." I am privileged to be able to say I actually DO have a lot of gay friends. So here's to you, a former roommate, a cousin, a former manager, a brother of my best friend, a former co-worker, and all my other LGBT friends I have had throughout the years. I love you all and sincerely hope you are happy.

Oh the Wells Fargo Wagon is a comin' down the street, oh please let it be for me... (this picture was apparently sponsored by Brighton Bank...I wish we had taken it from a different angle.)


Kat said...

I love this. How awesome! I wish I could have joined you all! Super fun!! :)

Kyle Andrew said...

i really love the brighton bank pic. . . good work. i'm PROUD of you.

Ryan said...

Me too, Rich. I promise.