Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just like Lance

On my mission I learned many things, but one of the most surprising was how other kids could grow up (even in Salt Lake!) and not really feel comfortable riding a bike. (I'm talking about you, Benjamin Metcalfe.) I remember being the youngest and my brother used to tease me because I hadn't learned to ride a bike yet. He would say that when I was in Boy Scouts I was going to have to ride my Big Wheelz 4-Wheel-Jeep up on the mountain bike trails while the other scouts rode real bikes. So I eventually learned how to ride a bike, and after that the family relocated to Murray. In Murray bike riding was a necessity. You couldn't avoid it. We rode our bikes to school sometimes, but mostly it was on the Jordan River Parkway trail, and then to gas stations or grocery stores to buy snacks and sodas with whatever pocket change we could find. Katie Goudie KNOWS what I'm talking about. Where did you most often ride your bikes when you were younger?

Anyway, I didn't ride a bike on my mission nearly as much as I would have liked, I was only in a bike area for 3 and a half transfers, the rest was spent in comfortable automobiles. I like biking and I think we should all do more of it. I read once that if the US increased its biking by 1%, we would save something like half a million gallons of gas annually. So I'm doing my part. Today I went and rescued a bike from the shed at my parents house and took it to the bike shop nearby that my old bishop owns. After they fix it up, I'm going to start biking to work! You just wait. You'll see me around Sugarhouse looking both hipster, and hippie.
On a related note, I've NEVER been mountain biking before, if anybody wants to take me on some beginning trails and show me the ropes, I would love to go. Let me know.

In the mean time, here is a cute picture of a brand new missionary that just landed in Houston and bought his bike and hadn't even had his tires slashed while out knocking doors yet. (Actually happened.)

Monday, May 24, 2010

wedding season

My friend Kalie got married on Thursday, and it was so very special. I decided to take some pictures that most people wouldn't on a wedding day and this was one of my favorites from the day.

For stake FHE tonight my friends and I went around and stood next to people we didn't know while one of us took a picture. Hilarious.

Monday, May 17, 2010

My life.

My big sister Becky is pregnant with her first little girl and I am the most excited Aunt ever. I feel like it is mine, just without the big belly and all the labor pains. We all got together for Mothers day and Becky allowed me to take this cute side shot of the little girl growing inside her. I can't wait to be an Aunt the first week of July.

These are just some of the things I've been doing for the past 3 weeks or so. My roommates and I moved out of our 3rd floor apartment into a cute house in Sandy and we were so excited to get out that we had to throw bags of the top balcony. I decided to capture our bliss.

My cousin Kathryn is most definitely one of my favorite people on the planet. We had a sleepover a few weeks ago and decided to eat our cereal with Panda Express serving spoons. After breakfast she talked me into skipping class so that we could play more. Best idea ever.

My older brother Rob just recently celebrated his birthday and so his Mother-in-law threw him and 2 other grandchildren a birthday dinner and Grandma's today. They lovingly invited me along and I was able to capture this Father and son time out on the lawn. Cutest little boy.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The beginning.

With the recent, and spontaneous purchase of my new SLR camera, has come the new found desire to share some of my favorite moments captured in time. I'm going to use this small space of internet to take anyone who desires, on a journey through my life. Thank you for being patient as I learn how to take pictures, and thank you for caring enough about my life to blog stalk me. :). I owe Megan Sollis a thank you for inspiring this purchase and helping to change my life.